Victory! #SB340, The Nevada Home Care Workforce Safety & Standards Act Passed Both Chambers of the Nevada State Legislature.

Because of the hard work, perseverance and unity of home care workers and SEIU NV 1107 members, we have passed the Nevada Home Care Workforce Safety and Standards Act (SB340) in the state legislature! The bill was approved by the Nevada Assembly by a 26-16 vote today, and had been previously passed by the state Senate. Now it is headed to Governor Steve Sisolak’s desk to be signed into law. We thank the bill’s sponsor Senator Dina Neal for standing arm-in-arm with home care workers and fighting passionately for this bill. SB340 will give workers and consumers a seat at the table to ensure that the state’s rapidly aging population and people with disabilities can access high-quality services, and that those providing care can have living wages, basic benefits, fair treatment and job training.
“I do this work because I have deep compassion and a drive to help those in need. But despite my vital role, I only make $12 an hour, and haven’t had sufficient personal protective equipment or basic benefits. It was really terrifying not having healthcare or adequate paid sick days when I got COVID last fall, and was hospitalized for six weeks. Through our union, I went to Carson City and spoke to lawmakers about SB340, because it will help make sure that home care workers like me are supported, so we can be there for our clients and give them the care they deserve. This victory has filled my heart with inspiration and hope!”
-Geanna Stallworth, home care worker (pictured left)
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